Review: The Girl in 6E (Deanna Madden #1) by A.R. Torre

Let me start by saying that reading “Erotic Suspense” is not my norm, but I have always loved a good psychological thriller (the occasional mind-F* is great when it’s done of your own free will) so as I was perusing the B&N website for nook book deals this one grabbed my attention with its intriguing cover and description (Take a look here)

“My life is simple, as long as I follow the rules.

1. Don’t leave the apartment.
2. Never let anyone in.
3. Don’t kill anyone.

I’ve obeyed these rules for three years. But rules were made to be broken.”

Whaaaat? Well, see what I mean? I had to. The story starts out being told by 21 year old Deanna (but is known by her alias, Jessica) who lives alone in her small apartment and is, of her own free will, locked in. No literally, she set up a deal with a junkie neighbor where she gives him prescriptions of pain killers and he keeps her locked in from the outside with a crazy deadbolt system. Seems legit. So, she buys everything online and has the UPS man (Jeremy-who she sort has feelings for in an “I like you, but I also kind of want to stab you with your box-cutter” kind of way) leave her packages outside her door and forge her signature because she won’t open it for anyone, ever.

But how does she make money to pay for this apartment and online purchases you ask? She’s a sex cam worker. Yep. Skeezy guys pay by credit card to watch her and have “cam sex” with her, on the reg. This works out for her pretty well because she makes bank doing it and it allows her to not have to have any human interaction, which she avoids at all costs because she’s pretty convinced that if she DOES have any human interaction she’ll kill said human. Oh, yes, another tidbit of information about Deanna- she fantasizes and obsesses about killing someone, so she’s orchestrated her entire life around avoiding being able to touch anyone. Again, whaaaat? Intrigued yet?

This was a pretty quick read for me, and that usually only happens when i’m really drawn into a story. I tend to be someone who, if bored by a story, will have to literally force myself to finish it “just in case it gets better”. That or i’ll just put it down in my “books to finish when I literally have nothing else to do in life” pile.

The book then starts to alternate between Deanna’s POV, the third-person POV of an unidentified man, who it’s quickly apparent is a stage 5 creepy,perverted,pedopheliac-sociopath (I’d use more adjectives, but I think you get the idea) and Annie- a six year old girl. It also highlights some of Deanna’s more entertaining cam clients, which is pure “I feel kind of gross for reading this but i’m going to anyway” gold.

The plot twists and turns, alternating between the different points-of-view, resulting in Deanna’s inability to stop herself from becoming involved in-and trying to stop-what she believes is about to be a tragic crime. She struggles with her own murderous compulsions along the way, and deals with the masses of baggage from her own past that are drawn out in the process. *Spoiler Alert*—She leaves her apartment. ruh-roh.

Overall I definitely recommend this book to anyone that’s looking to be entertained and likes sort of dark, kind of creepy stories that keep you compelled to read until you figure out what the actual F*ck is happening. This is some ‘Dexter’meets ‘Rapunzel’ next level shit. And I loved it! Oh, and I recently heard they are going to be making this one into a movie, so you’ll definitely want to read it before that happens. What says “date movie” more than a homicidal sex-cam worker with psychological problems? Me thinks nothing. 




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